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OPUS the Company and its brand was established in 1990. The owners saw an opportunity to open there own company due to the change in the economic situation in Poland. They chose to deal in office supplies and equipment, planning to introduce them into the Polish market. The task was not an easy one, as binding, laminating systems, trimmers and cutters for company documents were not popular in those times. Main objectives of OPUS: To create the sales network based on the dealers and some of their own shops. Developing and manufacturing their own products and supplies. Introducing the OPUS brand in the market in Europe and other countries. Creating and designing new products and systems for binding documents. OPUS in 1994 was proud of its high position on the Central European market, being one of the biggest manufacturers of office binding equipment and supplies. For years OPUS was the only Polish brand present on the European market. OPUS is also the sole representative in Poland for IDEAL, one of Germany’s largest office equipment companies, which produces cutters, trimmers and shredders. In December 1999 OPUS successfully received a ISO 9001 certificate for quality and production standards. OPUS employs over 200 people, and reaches its client through one of the biggest dealer networks worldwide, plus its subsidiaries in Prague and Kiev with the OPUS brand. OPUS, after twenty years of being on the market and still growing, the management and employees are proud of its leading position with the OPUS brand, in the worldwide market today. This is being achieved by great teamwork from all its staff and there high standards and ethics towards their clients, ensuring their satisfaction.




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