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Photo-paper Katana Premium Luster 200

  • Microporous RC Ink-Jet media
  • Premium Luster Finish
  • For Waterbased inks - Dye, Pigment, Latex
  • Suitable for photos, photo books, calendars, posters etc.
  • Weight: 200 grams per square metre
  • Made in Japan
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Katana Premium Luster 200 is a top-quality ink-jet photopaper. Made in Japan, to the ultimate requirements of the printer manufacturers, it often can be found under their branding. 
Perfectly suitable for printing of an exteremelly broad range of images - B&W, full-coloured, artistic, high-contrast, pastel tones. It's lustre coatting and very wide color gamut are the reasons for may profesional photographers, photo-labs and amateurs to add it to their list of favourite media. It has all the benefits of the Premium Gloss 255 photo media, including the great dynamic range, but, because of it's lustre finish, the light reflections are almost eliminated, making tis paper perticularilly suitable for interior application, where the reflections of multiple light sources could affect the appearance of the pritned image.
Multilayer microporous coating guarantees instant ink absorbtion, added UV protection and real water-resistance - if you put a printed image into water for a minute, and then observe it, you will see no color bleeding or smugling, even the image is printed with DYE inks! 
This special coating guarantees very high level of details, it can hold resolution of above 5760 dpi! Plus very short drying time and smugling resistance immedaitelly after the printing. 
Plastification (RC, or Resin Coated) isolates the celulose base from the ink, allowing extemely high ink limits, without any cockling or deformations during or after the printing process. 
In the moment when the printed image leaves the printer, it is momentarily touch-dry, but we would recommend to wait for 24 hours, before you frame it under glass, especially if there will be contact between the glass and the printed paper face. The reason is simple - although the special multilayer coating absorbs the ink instantly, still the moisture is in the coating, it needs some time to evaporate. Leaving the framing for tomorrow means there is almost no chance for water condensation on the internal surface of the glass, not there is a chance for paper face to stick to the glass. 
As a conclusion - true photographic quality, bright and intense colours, razor-sharp details on the print, extremely broad color gamut, stable parameters from batch to batch.  


  • Professional Black&White Photographic prints
  • Large Format Photographic prints, Interior decorations, Advertising, High-quality POS displays
  • Preferred for applications, where light reflections are unwanted
  • Lustre top-coating helps to reduce the fingerprints
  • Photobooks and Photo Albums
  • Menus, Fliers, Presentation

General recommendations:

  • Use and store ideally at a relative humidity of 35 to 65% and a temperature of 10 to 30° C (50° – 86°F.)
  • All recommendations and product indications are for your guidance, and are subject to our test criteria, which remain subject ́́to change without prior notice. The consistency of results is not guaranteed.
  • Use care in handling printed material, surface susceptible to abrasion.
  • Store papers in archive quality envelopes, folders, and boxes.
  • Use only archive grade tapes and glues for mounting & framing.


Terms & Conditions

These are our terms & conditions.
  • Color:
  • Finish:
  • Water Resistance:
    very high
  • Drying Behaviour:
  • OBA Content:
  • Sheet formats:
    A2 - the real size is 420 х 594 мм A3+ - the real size is 330 х 483 мм A3 - the real size is 297 х 420 мм A4 - the real size is 210 х 297 мм 15 x 21 - the real size is 148.5 х 210 мм 13 x 18 - the real size is 127 х 178 мм 10 x 15 - the real size is 100 х 148.5 мм 9 x 13 - the real size is 89 х 127 мм in the box
  • Roll sizes:
    10 12 17 24 36 44 60 "