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TRANSMATIC has been manufacturing thermopresses on clothes, sportswear, socks, caps and carpets since 1984. Our range of models represent different kind of presses for sizes and dimensions in order to satisfy all requirements for each sector of clothing. A serious and precise professionality and the use of sophisticated technologies give to our company the prestige to become one of the most important clothing thermoprinting Company in the world. Our commercial and technical assistance is always ready to give the best service to all our customers. The high quality of our presses and the research of new advanced and sophisticated products give to Transmatic the opportunity to support and solve all requested problems by making the customer's problems a TRANSMATIC problem. The continuous improvement in the market helps Transmatic to produce always the best quality custom-made machines manufacturing presses not only for the clothing sector but also for other types of machine in the sublimation field: on metals and items of different kind. Presses for the sublimatic printing on: skipoles, skies, snowboard, alluminium plates, alluminium profiles, wood and stones and pottery articles.




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