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Solutionas for Professionals


In this category you will find all the printers form EPSON, Sawgrass-Ricoh and DTG, that FACTOR.BG can offer.

11 reasons why to choose Epson L805, L810, L850 or L1800 and to buy from FACTOR.BG:

  1. Low investment - much more affordable, compared to the professional photoprinters;
  2. Output print quality equals or exceeds most chemical photo-labs
  3. 2.5 cents ink cost per perint 10/15, with intense colours;
  4. Easy, intuitive installation and operation with both the software (Epson Easy Photo Print, Epson Print CD) and the machine; 
  5. No need for daily maintenance, flushing - care-free operation;
  6. Big "eco-system" of related products for personalisation, photo-gifts, souveniers, media, blanks - expand your portfolio and profits with just one printer 
  7. Always on stock - printers, original Epson inks, spare parts, consumables, for uninterrupted production;
  8. Epson Authorised Service Partner - Epson-trained technicians, experts in consulting, problem solving, remote support and repair;
  9. Replacement printers available for free, for the time your pritner needs repair or maintenance;
  10. Remote operator training, softwate installation and techical support available.
  11. One year standard warranty from Epson, upgradeable to 3 years for free, after REGISTRATION, maximum printed copies limitation applied!

Epson L-series CISS low-print-cost pritners (7)

Photo, Fine Art, Proofing and packaging, Color separations on film

Epson SureColor P - professional photo-printers (8)

How do you reinvent the dye-sublimation transfer printer? You start by specially designing, from the ground up, every component to work together as one system — from the print head and ink technology, to the printer engine and software. The result? A high-performance dye-sublimation transfer printer designed with extreme reliability for true industrial-level production.

Developed using the latest advancements in performance imaging, this innovative system includes our exclusive MicroPiezo® TFP® print head, along with an all-new dye-sublimation ink technology — Epson UltraChrome® DS1. The purpose-built SureColor F-Series allows you to focus on what matters most — more profit.

Epson SureColor F - Sublimation Large Format Printers (4)

Solvent printers from EPSON SC-x0610 series

Epson SureColor S - Solvent Large Format Printers (5)

Inspired by engineers, The SureColor T-Series printers have been designed from the ground up to be the most precise high performance engineering scientific printers in their class.

Epson SureColor T - large format printers/scanners POS/CAD/GIS (5)