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There are very few companies worldwide that can be proud of such a long company history like Hahnemühle’s. Founded back in 1584 as a paper mill in South Lower Saxony’s Solling uplands, Hahnemühle developed – strictly according to the spirit of its founding fathers – into a customer-oriented and innovative manufacturing facility.

It goes without saying that the products and manufacturing methods have changed to a certain extent since 1584. In the beginning, the product range solely comprised mould-made writing paper but later, artist papers and the Hahnemühle invented fine-art inkjet papers for digital print were added to the range. Furthermore, Hahnemühle papers have been used for decades in industrial production or manufacturing processes as well as in research laboratories. At the same time, several things have remained the same, such as our high quality standard that guarantees our customers the purest papers for art or technical applications. 

Our paper technologists are proficient in their trade. With high-quality pulp and by using formulations that are partly several centuries old, they produce traditional artist papers, FineArt inkjet papers and speciality papers for industry and filtration. We are – in the positive sense – perfectionists and reliable partners for artists, technicians and scientists. We produce papers according to their demands, work jointly with them on improving these papers permanently and develop papers for new market segments.




Hahnemuehle Varnish Glossy

  • Аdd a protective finish to the surface
  • Increase the lightfastness of prints
  • Makes the surface water-resistant
  • Glossy
Price: 75.50лв.

Hahnemuehle Varnish Satin

  • Аdd a protective finish to the surface
  • Increase the lightfastness of prints
  • Makes the surface water-resistant
  • Satin
Price: 75.50лв.

Daguerre Canvas 400

  • Fine structure for fine art photo printing
  • Provides clear fresh colours and contrasts
  • For black and white reproductions
Price: 201.23лв.

Leonardo Canvas 390

  • Water resistant and hard-wearing surface
  • Suitable for both art reproductions and photography
  • Easily wrapped canvas material
Price: 240.49лв.

Goya Canvas 340

  • Brings an added dimension to the image
  • The satin coating gives a brilliant satin-finish
  • Тhe new name for Canvas Satin
Price: 496.27лв.

Canvas Artist 340

  • Appreciable linen structure with a matt inkjet coating
  • Excellent image definition and colour graduation
  • 340 gsm, Poly-Cotton, natural white
Price: 451.34лв.

Art Canvas Smooth 370

  • 370 gsm, poly-cotton
  • Without optical brighteners
  • Creamy natural white, matt canvas
  • Uniform and even weave/texture
  • Deep blacks and vibrant colours
  • Perfectly suited for stretcher-frame systems
  • Compatible with all printers with dye and pigment-based inks
Price: 96.90лв.

Bamboo 290

  • Bamboo – a natural white paper with a smooth surface texture – is made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% cotton 
  • Photographic and fine art reproduction, digital art, black & white and colour photography, limited edition prints, albums, greeting cards etc.
Price: 91.26лв.

Photo Rag® Pearl 320

  • Smooth, uniform surface texture with the unique pearl coating
  • Especially suitable for warm grey and colour tones
  • 320 gsm, 100% Cotton, natural white, pearl-fnish
Price: 109.13лв.

Photo Rag® Baryta 315

  • Combines the virtues of a luxury paper and a baryta board.
  • Very fine surface texture with the baryta gloss
  • Endows portraits with a particularly expressive character
Price: 112.43лв.
Price: 32.93лв.
Price: 50.33лв.

Hahnemuehle Archive & Portfolio Box

  • Acid free, age resistant archival cardboard
  • Well suited for protecting valuable art treasures and documents
  • Long-term protection from light, dust and atmospheric impact
  • Available for formats from A4 up to A2
  • Exterior colour dove-grey, interior colour natural white
Price: 12.94лв.

Canvas Metallic 350

  • Novel surface with an elegant silver and pearlescent gloss
  • Extremely high densities for dark colours
  • Large colour gamut
  • Perfectly suited for do-it-yourself stretcher-frame systems
Price: 844.61лв.

Museum Etching 350

  • The luxurious texture of a traditional etching board and the natural white point make Museum Etching the ideal medium for images with soft tints or fine grey nuances.
  • 350 gsm - 100% cotton, natural white
Price: 106.31лв.

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Designed to protect the security and genuineness of your limited edition art works and reproductions on Hahnemühle paper and to reduce the risk of forgery
Price: 176.40лв.

Hahnemuehle Varnish Matt

  • Аdd a protective finish to the surface
  • Increase the lightfastness of prints
  • Makes the surface water-resistant
  • Matt
Price: 75.50лв.

Hahnemuehle Protective Spray 400 ml

  • Up to 100% increase in fade resistance with selected ink and paper combinations
  • Provides a water resistant fnish
  • Increases colour vibrancy
  • Protects against airborne contamination, ozone and handling damage
Price: 49.39лв.

Monet Canvas 410

  • Heavy cotton canvas with a woven pattern
  • Its white colour is perfect for art reproduction
  • 410 gsm · 100% Cotton · white
Price: 37.61лв.

FineArt Baryta 325

  • High colour depth, large colour gamut and image definition
  • Extremely high density and finest grey tones
  • Replace traditional Baryta papers from analogue laboratories
Price: 105.84лв.

Photo Rag® Satin 310

  • Bestows fine art reproductions with a soft sheen
  • It renders mirror and gloss effects particularly well
  • The unprinted areas remain matt
Price: 103.49лв.

William Turner 310

  • William Turner is matt watercolour texture
  • Ideal for reproducing traditional art
  • 310 gsm - 100% cotton, mould-made
Price: 98.54лв.

German Etching 310

  • Heavyweight etching board
  • Velvety smooth with a fine surface texture
  • 310 gsm - 100%  a-cellulose, natural white
Price: 80.68лв.

Torchon 285

  • Torchon in french means coarse structure
  • Capture the original beauty and 3D of an artwork
  • 285 gsm - 100%  a-cellulose, bright white
Price: 69.62лв.

Albrecht Dürer 210

  • Albrecht Dürer guarantees archival standards
  • Мould-made distinct textured surfacе
  • 210 gsm - 50% cotton - 50%  a-cellulose
Price: 69.14лв.

William Turner 190

  • William Turner is matt watercolour texture
  • Ideal for reproducing traditional art
  • 190 gsm - 100% cotton, mould-made
Price: 73.38лв.

Photo Rag® Bright White 310

  • Еspecially bright white cotton paper
  • Ideal for reproducing high contrast images
  • 305 gsm - 100% cotton
Price: 98.54лв.

Photo Rag® 308

  • Photo Rag is the most popular paper chosen by photographers to create high quality fine art prints. The fine, smooth surface and feel of Photo Rag make this paper very versatile and it is ideal for printing both black and white and colour photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth
Price: 98.54лв.

Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 305

  • With its extra smooth surface Photo Rag Ultra Smooth is particularly interesting for users who want proven Photo Rag quality but with less texture and a brighter white point.
Price: 98.54лв.

Photo Rag® Duo 276

  • Photo Rag Duo is printable on both sides
  • Ideal for portfolios and photo albums
Price: 96.19лв.
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