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There are very few companies worldwide that can be proud of such a long company history like Hahnemühle’s. Founded back in 1584 as a paper mill in South Lower Saxony’s Solling uplands, Hahnemühle developed – strictly according to the spirit of its founding fathers – into a customer-oriented and innovative manufacturing facility.

It goes without saying that the products and manufacturing methods have changed to a certain extent since 1584. In the beginning, the product range solely comprised mould-made writing paper but later, artist papers and the Hahnemühle invented fine-art inkjet papers for digital print were added to the range. Furthermore, Hahnemühle papers have been used for decades in industrial production or manufacturing processes as well as in research laboratories. At the same time, several things have remained the same, such as our high quality standard that guarantees our customers the purest papers for art or technical applications. 

Our paper technologists are proficient in their trade. With high-quality pulp and by using formulations that are partly several centuries old, they produce traditional artist papers, FineArt inkjet papers and speciality papers for industry and filtration. We are – in the positive sense – perfectionists and reliable partners for artists, technicians and scientists. We produce papers according to their demands, work jointly with them on improving these papers permanently and develop papers for new market segments.




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