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  • Skin-Friendly
  • ​Water Resistant (lasts several days)
  • High Resolution Quality
  • Easy and Fast Application
  • Suitable for Standard Laser and LED Printers. More advantages available with a White Toner Printer.
  • Finest Details
  • ​Easy to Cut with Scissors or Plotters/Cutters
  • Transferable Materials - skin, every other smooth surfaces without structure
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Price: 5.17лв.
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FOREVER’s Temporary Laser Tattoo Paper is perfect to add-on your t-shirt business. Regardless if you need a fancy piece of art on skin or want to support your local school team – our Tattoo paper opens opportunities.

With the innovative Tattoo Paper from FOREVER we offer a versatile, removable and creative alternative to permanent skin decoration. Expand your portfolio and present your customers with a product that offers unlimited possibilities.

Numbers, Family Portraits, Movie Heroes, all sorts of Shapes, Signs and Patterns: Each theme and each person can be represented with Tattoo Paper. Customers are free to determine Size, Color and Designs without limitations.

A transfer press is not required. The application process is very easy and the brilliant results will be impressive.

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