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EPSON Discproducer™ PP-100N (SATA)

  • Full network capability
    Reducing load on your network, the PP-100N can manage the jobs of multiple users simultaneously
  • Built-in control board
    Up to 120 jobs can be stored on the internal hard drive
  • Internal harddrive
    The latest jobs can be retrieved and reproduced at any time
  • Complete Software
    Full software support and tools, free of charge
  • 6-colour micro piezo
    Vibrant, high-quality disc printing
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Price: 9,170.00лв.
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As the only company in the world to design, develop and market both inkjet printers and industrial precision robotics, it makes perfect sense for us to combine the two. The result is the Discproducer - photo-realistic printing and fully automated CD/DVD reproduction in one neat package.
Super-productive and hassle-free

As easy to use as an office printer, the Discproducer can output up to 100 CDs/DVDs in a single session. Depending on data type and volume that amounts to up to 30 units per hour. It's the only product in its class that has front facing control and status reporting.

The best print quality in its class
You'll get vibrant, lifelike, razor sharp prints that are smudgeproof and water resistant thanks to the advanced print technology and ink. Media from other manufacturers can be used.

Cost-effective to own
Incredibly, you can produce over 1,000 prints per set of ink cartridges. And because it uses a separate cartridge for each colour, you only need to change the cartridges that are near empty.

  • Device Type:
    Robotic Disc Publisher for CD/DVD/BluRay
  • Print Head Type:
    Micro Piezo
  • Ink Technology:
    Dye Ink Technology
  • Colours:
    Black Cyan Yellow Magenta Light Cyan Light Magenta
  • Interfaces:
  • Compatible Operating Systems:
    Windows 8 (32/64 bit) Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP

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