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15 Dec 2017

03 Nov 2017

20 Sep 2017

OPUS-А Mounted Photo Book Kit 52

Price: 1,948.39лв.

What comes in your KIT:

* OPUS multiCREASE 52
   equipment to crease, trim, cut, 
* O•cornerCUTTER BLADE R10
   Corner trimming cutting blade with a 10mm radius 
* O•cornerCUTTER BLADE handle 30/52
   Holding bracket and guide for corner cutting blade.
* O•cornerCUTTERcutting PAD 30/52
   Corner cutting board to protected blade and give a clean cut.
* O•trimming blade 350mm
   A blade for trimming all the edges of the page evenly to keep a uniform size for the book
* O•cutting BLADE PAD POBC
   Cutting board to protected the page trimming blade and give a clean cut.
* O•photoBLOCK maker 310mm
   Tool for mounting pictures evenly

SKU: OPU-01-129
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Creasing blade and bracket
Magnetic guide bar and stop
Maximum creasing width: 510mm
Max thickness of the creased material: 0,3mm
Creasing bar thickness: 0,7mm
Steel frame
Metal case
Colour: office grey
Hot powder coated
Dimensions: W 596 x H 546 x D 265 mm
Weight: 25 kg

File Info
Opus brochure2 [PDF, 385.15 KB]
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